A little Stutz history

Stutz Bearcat, Stutz Business and Arts Center, hypnosis massage Indianapolis

Harry Stutz, founder of the Stutz Motorcar Company, built and headquartered his car company at the present day Stutz I and II from 1911 to 1919.

The Stutz Bearcat placed 11th in the first ever Indianapolis 500 in 1911, earning the title of “The Car That Made Good In a Day.”

In 1912 Stutz broke ground across the street from his original facility on a new, modern plant at 212 W. 10th Street that produced as many as 500 Stutz per year.  These two facilities are the present day Stutz I and II.  Stutz Bearcats and Blackhawks are recognized as one of the finest sports and racing cars of their day. The Stutz sedans are acknowledged as one of the safest cars, due to Harry Stutz's innovative under slung suspension and transmission designs.


Stutz Business and Arts Center, hypnosis massage Indianapolis

In 1935 the Stutz, like many other hand made car companies of the era, was hit hard by the depression and forced to close its doors.  

From 1940-1982, Eli Lilly and Company used the building as part of its packaging division.  After Lilly vacated, the building stood empty for a decade, and the future of the historic site was beginning to be questioned.

In 1993, visionary entrepreneur Turner Woodard bought the building with vision of restoring the building for use by small to mid-sized companies.  Today the Stutz is home to many small businesses, including over 70 artists, making it the largest collection of artists under one roof in the state of Indiana.  The Stutz Artists Association holds monthly open houses, maintains a gallery space and offers many different art classes that are open to the public.

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The Stutz Business and Arts Center

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