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Michele is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and certified by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy (MA97241) and the State of Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.
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Bamboo Fusion Massage

In Bamboo Fusion Massage, warm pieces of bamboo of different shapes and sizes are used to provide relaxation or deep tissue massage.  The warmth melts the outer layer of muscle, allowing the therapist to penetrate more deeply without as much pressure.  For those who like deep work, the bamboo tools allow for deeper pressure than the hands alone can provide.

Bamboo Fusion offers many of the benefits of Hot Stone massage with a few extras.  Because of the size and shape of the bamboo pieces, Bamboo Fusion massage can be deeper and more specific than the stones.  The bamboo heats up in minutes, so even if you decide to switch from regular Swedish or deep tissue work to Bamboo massage last minute, I can accommodate you!  Also, the bamboo pieces are lightweight and therefore portable!  This means that even if you want an in home or office chair massage, Bamboo Fusion is an option!

This massage is luxurious, relaxing and therapeutic all rolled into one.  Possibly my new favorite.

Prenatal Massage

Women's bodies and minds go through SO many changes during the course of a pregnancy. Massage not only feels good but can also help your body adjust during each stage. Prenatal massage will be performed differently than regular massage, and your comfort will always be the top priority. It's a great idea to clear receiving massage with your doctor first, and always inform your massage therapist about anything special happening in your pregnancy. Remember to take care of yourself as you nurture the new life inside.


Thai Yoga Massage

I had the distinct honor and pleasure of learning Thai massage from a woman visiting from Thailand.  It is a very loving and artful style of massage that has been around for centuries.  In fact, the style of Thai massage that I learned has been passed down in this specific family for many generations.

Thai Yoga Massage is best described as passive yoga.  It is done on a mat on the floor, with the client fully clothed in comfortable, workout type clothes.  The therapist uses hands and feet to massage the muscles, and the massaging on each body part is followed up by LOTS of stretching.  Many of the stretching positions are similar to certain yoga postures, hence the name of the massage.  

Thai massage is all about relaxing and lengthening and is great for anyone who sits at a desk all day, is in front of a computer for hours at a time, often has to work leaning over people or a desk, or anyone who generally feels tight and tense.

Swedish massage Indianapolis
deep tissue massage Indianapolis

Swedish Massage

Swedish, or relaxation, massage utilizes light to medium pressure and long, flowing strokes. It is a great introduction to massage and good for those who don't enjoy heavy pressure.

Be not fooled, however.  Swedish massage does have it’s benefits, aside from the opportunity for a nap.  It is reported to increase the circulation of blood and lymph, boost your immune system, relieve muscle pain by flushing toxins and increase oxygen flow in the blood.



Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage can take on many forms.  Most often, it combines Swedish strokes, used to warm the muscle tissue and get the blood flowing, and a variety of site-specific techniques designed to work out issues in problem areas.

Deep tissue massage is best for those who are recovering from some sort of injury or accident or those who suffer from chronic pain due to stress, repetitive motion, surgery, etc.  These massages may involve a small amount of discomfort for long-term gain.  In other words, working deeply in a problem area may not always feel great at the moment the pressure is applied, but after the work is done, the client should feel improvement in the area.  Deep tissue work is very helpful and effective for long-term soft tissue health.

Deep tissue massage is not scary and SHOULD NOT HURT OR BRUISE YOU!!!  I can’t tell you how many times people have told me that they don’t like massage because it hurts.  Conversely, I’ve also encountered a number of people who feel that massage isn’t doing anything unless it hurts.  Both of these ideas are FALSE, in my opinion.

Sometimes a very temporary amount of discomfort will be felt at the time the pressure is applied.  However, this pain should go away almost immediately after the therapist lets the pressure off.  It shouldn’t last for days afterward, and you should never, never, never be miserable during a massage for the sake of “therapy.”  Never take more pressure than you can handle, and it’s up to you to let the therapist know that you are uncomfortable!

On the other hand, massage CAN be effective without pain!  The no pain, no gain mentality does not work here!  A little bit of pain in problem areas is to be expected with deep tissue work, but asking for more and more pressure until you are sore and bruised is not only unhealthy, it’s counterproductive.  If you’re tensing everything up so that you can “take the pain” in a problem area, you’ve completely missed the point of a massage.

Thanks for listening.