Calling All Expectant Mothers!

I'm pleased to say that I've added another modality to my offerings! I just completed an extensive continuing education course, and I can now say that I am officially a Certified Prenatal Massage therapist!

The course covered topics such as the physical and mental changes women undergo during various stages of pregnancy, common conditions that occur during pregnancy and how they relate to massage, and, of course, the good stuff: lots of massage techniques to make moms feel better at all stages of the pregnancy, including postpartum.

I believe that pregnancy is such a beautiful and trying time in a woman's life, full of unknowns, new sensations, anticipation, concern. A woman's body undergoes such a massive amount of change in a relatively short amount of time. As a woman transitions her body, mind and home to take care of another life, it's of utmost importance that she also cares for herself. A mother is no good to her partner, her newborn, her career or herself if she is too run down and frazzled to function.

Prenatal massage can help ease discomfort, assist the movement of fluid through the body, keep the skin hydrated, allow precious relaxation time and can even help ease the relaxation of tissue for delivery. I look forward to helping many women through this magnificent, difficult, amazing, unique time in their lives!

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