Adventures in Bamboo Fusion!

This Friday, I'll start my adventure into the world of teaching! If 10,000 hours of experience makes you an expert, as Malcolm Gladwell and others have suggested, then at this point I think I could call myself a massage expert.

In an effort to bring my clients something unique, I took a course several years ago in Michigan for Bamboo Fusion Massage, a (then) new modality in the United States created by Nathalie Cecilia, a French massage therapist living in Florida. I enjoy using the bamboo almost as much as my clients like receiving it, and I feel that this type of massage is important for the health and longevity of massage therapists. Bamboo Fusion Massage is warm, relaxing and can deliver a significant amount of targeted pressure for those who like deep tissue work. And for massage therapists, it's a way to do deep tissue without so much pressure to our hands and wrists!

As one of the only therapists in Indiana certified in this technique, I've been contacted by several therapists asking if I could teach the technique or knew where they could learn it. I recently contacted Nathalie to see if she was training any new instructors for this career-saving modality, and she has agreed to train me! Starting this month, I'll travel to Florida one weekend a month for the next three months. I'll be doing various other homework when I return, and then I'll be certified to teach Bamboo Fusion to other massage therapists. I'm very excited to work one-on-one with the founder of this modality and to add value to my profession!

If you, as a client, haven't tried the bamboo yet, just ask me! I think you'll love it!

And, as ever, if you are in need of an appointment but don't see one available on my calendar that works for you, please contact me by phone, text or email! I will be flexing my schedule as much as possible so that I can see you all in between my trips to the Sunshine State.

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