Does massage really work?

You don't have to take my word for it.

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Patti says:

Michele Adams' quiet confident manner, extraordinary skill and knowledge of the anatomy have brought healing to my body after back surgery and learning to walk with a new leg brace. My tense muscles literally sing after my weekly sessions in her retreat-like office space.



Molly says:

Michele is gifted from the inside out...her soothing spirit resounds as she massages the muscles. What a joy to not only know her passion but to know her as a person.



Cindy says:

I've had shoulder issues for a few years, and Michele's work has helped me significantly improve the range of motion and the overall pain. I always come away feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. After my first massage, I decided to become a regular client.



Jenny says:

Michele has the best hands around. Seriously! But beyond amazing skills, Michele's calming influence, knowledge of massage and comfortable studio makes being one of her clients a treat. If you can get on her table, do it; you'll be glad you did!




C says:

It was my great folly to meet Michele and to underestimate her ability as a therapist. She was bright and laughing and slight in frame. She was genuine but made no move to convince me of her skill. I expected a relaxing massage, at best. After all, I was 225 pounds of hard wounds and hardly used muscles.

How foolish of me!

This was not a 'day spa' massage. She was not a chatty lady moving lotion around on my wrists. When she got to fixing me I realized that she was a serious, well-trained therapeutic healer. I had no idea that there were so many styles of massage and that my particular needs would require such a customized treatment. I have been walked on, elbowed, stretched, and kneaded. From the table to the Thai mat on the floor (unreal!), from the ceiling by poles with her heels under my shoulder blades, Michele knows how to unwind the kinks from my body.

As I got to know Michele I discovered how she earned her distinction in the Indy massage scene. She refuses to stop learning, growing, and studying her craft (who does that anymore?). It seems like she's always taking private instruction or going to conferences or trading techniques with other therapists. I've come to love it, actually, because I'm her test dummy!

These days I am surprised to find myself talking before a massage, just pouring on her. She listens though, and this goes a long way toward decompressing my mind before we begin. I've come to learn how much this helps my body to relax. Once we begin, my mind clear and actually listened to, she gives me the best massages of my life. I have no words left. She soothes me. I realize now that great a healer will start between your ears.

Michele Adams is a fine fusion of therapist and artist. We are so fast in American culture that we take no time to love ourselves. Trust Michele, trust the ancient ways, and find yourself healing by her hands.


Julie says:

I've learned something important...when I have muscle or joint aches and pains, my first thought is to schedule a massage with Michele. She has an amazing ability to "cure me" in a much better and faster way than traditional medical approaches.



Amanda says:

I have relied on Michele to provide massages through many adverse situations in my life, and the results are never short of amazing! I know I can trust her to carefully work through any issues my body may have, and she's brilliant at knowing just how to address nagging tightness, pain and muscle problems. She's gone above and beyond at getting me to relax through times many others wouldn't have touched, including helping alleviate some terrible muscle pains I had while healing from major abdominal surgery. I fully trust, applaud and highly recommend her massages!



Marc says:


Michele is a highly skilled massage therapist and she is a consummate professional at all times. She is extremely talented and approaches each and every session with tremendous enthusiasm and positive energy. I have been a regular client of Michele's for several years.

As a busy professional, one aspect of Michele's service to me that I always greatly appreciate is the fact that she is flexible and willing to adjust to my sometimes hectic/chaotic schedule and ready for our sessions ahead of schedule. This allowed us to begin and complete our sessions always on time. There has not been a single instance in all the years of working with Michele where I felt a massage therapy session was cut short for any reason. She is always sensitive to my needs and ensured that I was completely satisfied after every session. I find her responsiveness and her ability to work with my schedule to be exceptional.

Jason says:

Thanks for the great massage therapy sessions. Your expertise always relieves my discomfort. I really appreciate the variety of techniques that you employ for a specific issue. You are The BEST! See you soon!




Ron says:

As I told you after my wonderful massage, I have probably had 50+ massages in my life. Yours was one of the best I have ever had!! I usually ask for a deep tissue massage and expect to be kneaded quite hard. At first, I thought your idea of a deep tissue massage was a little weak. As you progressed, I was surprised to find that your less intense technique was indeed more therapeutic than those who caused me some agony. The final wonder was the massage of muscles/tendons/ligaments on the front of my calves, just above my knees. I did not even know I had stress there. You relieved the tension and made me a believer in Michele Adams, massage therapist extraordinaire!! Thank you! I will be back!




Lisa says:

An hour massage with Michele is like a getaway vacation.  Her calming vibe combined with her wonderful hands moves the stress right out of your body.  I need to make my next appointment!